Madhubala Written Update of 19th February 2018: Madhu saves RK's life

The episode starts with Madhu watching RK's mom who looks grief stricken.Madhu goes out carrying RKs kit.she waits outside RKs vanity van. RK steps out and compliments her saying "Good girl".He puts his arm around Madhu's waist and pulls her close. RK asks her if she got confused when his  mom said to go for 'post wedding ceremony'? As if she wants to go to RK or her mom.

He says Madhu has learnt many things from him and that its good that she has come to RK! He tells her that he doesn't stand in the sun for so long and gives Madhu an umbrella to open. He puts on his glares and tells her that he is showing it for the first and last time.

Madhu opens the Umbrella and walks with RK.he stops in the middle and says that when in wedding he didn't let her walk ahead, she should have noted that whoever
walks,walks behind RK.

RK arrives on the set and all greet him! Madhu is standing holding RKs kit! Koo Nimo  comes and talks about some contract and asks him to sign.RK says that Koo makes him sign many contracts. Koo said thats life.

RK tells Madhu to get juice for him with 2 ice cubes! Madhu goes to get the juice. Producer Kohli tells RK that shot is ready.

 RK starts to shoot its a shot with guitar and theme is of disco where RK is dancing with a girl!One of the lights hanging is loose and dangling over RKs head .Madhu sees it. The light is about to fall on RKs head and Madhu runs to RK and pushes him out of the way and falls on top of him and gets her hand injured! RK and Madhu gets eyelock.

 Koo  screams 'Chief"and asks assistants to help RK to get up.Koo starts to slap the Director/DoP for the accident.

 Producer Kohli asks RK if he is ok? RK says  not him but she (aka Madhu) is hurt! Koo expresses concern for RKs health! RK says
 he is fine but rues that Madhu did favour on him.

 Koo says he is glad that RK is safe! RK tells him why Doctor is not called and signals him to call a Doctor to attend to Madhu. RK
asks who is the lightman and all fall quiet.

 RK threatens everyone and the Director/DoP says that he was complaining that material used is OLD but no one listened to him! RK inquired as to who is the supplier?

Koo offers to settle and RK says that he needs straight answers for straight questions and asks about supplier! The director says Bhatia aka Kuku Bhatia! RK asks the Producer to call Bhatia.

 The Producer says he is in Bangkok and
RK says he is back and landed already call him.

In the car, Kuku and his son (RKs step father/ step brother) get a call from Kohli. Kuku reacts accident on the shot and that Kohli is threatening not to release payment?

Kuku tells Kohli that he is not scared of RK  and coming over to the studio rightaway!

 Doctor tells RK that Madhu wont need stitches and dressing done! Kohli tells RK that Bhatia is coming and if they can
shoot but RK stays mum! Bhatia and
son arrive.

Kuku asks Kohli what has happened  on the shoot?! His son says all were screaming ..'Sher Sher' but not even a 'Dog' is there and unnecessary Kohli was creating a scene! Kuku says they thought someone died but  nothing of that sort!

 RK grinds his teeth! Kohli says that because of the bad equipments, RK could have lost his life! Kuku says anything could have happened, the world could end in December 2012 ... so instead of  mourning on what could have happened, better to celebrate what has not happened! Kukus son asks. why some idiot was sitting under the light?

 RK says that it was because the person do not  know that on the set some substandard material for lighting has been used which has been supplied by a thief father-son! Kuku screams at RK and says that just because of his 4 crap movies got hit, RK is flying in air and taking on his father!

RK says that its a rule of the film industry that with every hit film, every friday a new father is born! Producer Kohli requests RK to not stretch the matter! RK says fine,and
asks Kohli to tell Bhatia to apologise to the injured person aka Madhu.

Madhu looks at RK!

Kohli requests Kuku to settle the matter! Kuku agrees and asks what is to be asked? The producer says" FORGIVENESS"  Kuku says no idea what that word means? He asks his son and he too feigns ignorance.

Kuku tells Kohli that they dunno what this word means and asking is the job of beggars! RK fumes.