Madhubala 23rd January 2018 Full Written Episode Update:RK tells the Press he loves Madhu a lot.

The episode starts with Koo Nimo
on phone telling someone to take appointment and come as RK is busy. He greets Malik and Madhu and asks since how long have they been there?

 Malik says just a while back.Koo asks them if they had tea, coffee,cold drinks? Malik coughs and Koo chides the receptionists for not offering any refreshments to them. Koo apologises for the mismanagement.Madhu says  they've  waited for the past 2 hours... and Koo says sorry again.

He takes them inside and saw RK having his dinner.He offers them to join him for dinner. RK says he knows for what work they came there! Koo asks them to take a seat! Madhu says they have only two minutes and will leave for work! RK says he knows why they are here, to invite him to the wedding.

Malik says no and that there is something else... and he stammers! RK offers medicines, water!(good boy) Malik says no need and says that in the newspaper there is an ITEM and RK says what?? RK asks if Koo has conducted a press conference and announced about Trishna's Item no? Koo says no! RK rues about leak of news!

RK asks what news is going viral? Madhu says he must be reading newspapers so might be knowing! RK says he is a newsmaker not a newsreader! RK says that if one is a superstar they shouldnt read newspapers if they want a smooth day ahead and as such media print disgusting stuff about him all the time!

Malik says they have crossed limits this
time! he gives newspaper to RK but RK
asks Koo to read but he excuses saying
urgent call! RK asks Malik to read! he reads it with difficulty! RK asks him to read it out loudly as he couldnt hear! RK rues about media being used to publish bad things about him but now publishing bad things about Madhu too! (Doing as if he's innocent).

 Malik is in tears and having difficulty to read! RK asks him to read further
but he tries to avert but RK insists he should continues to read with grave difficulty and is grinding his teeth.

 Madhu tries to support Malik! he  felt dizzy and Madhu takes the paper from him and continues to read out the article! RK continues to keep a fake angry face.Madhu reads out a portion from the article which reads that the family of Malliks are indebted  to RK for giving Trish a role and so let RK and Madhu romance in front of all! RK gets up and takes the paper from Madhu's hand and says its all crap and trashes it and throws it on the floor.He says that they have crossed  all limits and says that he will sue the newspapers for defamation.he says that till media apologise to Madhu's family and retract from the article he will not spare them! RK tells Koo to cancel the shootings for the day and call all media people as he wants to hold a press conference.RK assures Malik that he will set everything right.

 He says that he knows how much for a father and his daughters reputematters. He asks Malik to rest at home and that he will fix everything in two hours. He asks Madhu to take care and she thanks him.He asks Malik to watch TV after two hours! RK comes near Madhu and asks Madhu to Thank him after two hours and apologises to her.

Malik-Madhu overhears Koo telling media for press conference. RK picks up the piece of paper he had thrown down and asks if he looks better in color or black and white? Koo says he suits in all colors..! RK says he is thinking of doing a Black and White film and Koo says sure.

 Roma tells Malik that she knew RK will help them and switches the TV on! Trish offers something to drink to Malik to feel better! All sit before the TV and Madhu is worried! Trish asks her to chill! The press conference starts and Koo greets all for coming.RK arrives!

RK reads out the papers and asks them what's all this? He tells them they write anything they wish! RK asks what has  Madhu done that  the media has wrote all this? He says how Media became so
irresponsible.Mukund's sister tells her mom to chill and that all is gonna be clarified! RK says that he knows that there are many magazines where people have to search gossip and print but its not fair! One of the media tells him to come on the subject.RK asks what?? Madhubala?

RK says that no third person can decide about the feelings in someones heart . he asks what punishment will they give to RK and Madhu after finding the truth? Sue her?? RK says if Madhu loves someone what crime has she commit?

How can they do all this? The girl dont know  her hearts wish will become newspaper headlines.

Media asks the reality of Madhus heart? RK says the reality is that which can be seen in the papers! Madhu and all are shocked! Mukund's family are alsi shocked too! RK says that Madhu loved RK first then started to worship him and there is nothing wrong in that.

Media asks him that does Madhu love him? RK smiles and says that the girl doesn't know that media follows him night and day.He says he told her several times not to call him to the engagement but she insisted and he relented.

Media asks if Madhu loves RK? and comments Interesting.They ask if RK loves Madhu? RK stays mute.

RK says that he din realise when he started loving Madhu amidst all the hatred! Mukund is shocked and so are Madhu and their families!

RK says that he and Madhu have spent several moments far away from the world and that in those moments he fell in love with Madhu even more! Roma is shocked! RK says that his heart had to be broken because Madhu got engaged somewhere else! RK says that Madhu is not written in his destiny so what to do? RK says that he loves Madhu a lot! Screen freezes with on the faces of Mukund | Madhu | RK

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